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Amplify your expertise

Provide 24/7 access to your expert knowledge and opinions by giving your students a course-grounded and aligned virtual TA that can answer questions, provide extra learning opportunities, and host digital office hours guidance and discussions. Your materials, your instructions, your voice - effortlessly managed, effectively delivered.

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Onboard in minutes and start building your impact

Creating your course’s Virtual TA is as quick as your afternoon coffee run. Upload your materials with a few clicks or use one of our LMS integrations to start seeing results.

AI that Educators and Institutions Trust

Cut through student, educator and administrator confusion around how AI can and should be used, and define the standard and expectation for how your students use your AI.

Big Picture Perspective Individualized Analytics

See the bird’s eye view of how well your students are grasping the material. Get weekly summaries of student interactions to refine teaching strategies. Drill down and view anonymized conversations to see real examples.


What educators are saying

"Since we introduced HiTA two months ago, I've seen a noticeable impact on our students' learning experience. They've actively engaged with HiTA over 10,000 times, which demonstrates its usefulness and ease of use. The students consistently report that they find HiTA extremely helpful for various aspects of their learning, from understanding complex topics to receiving personalized study resources and immediate feedback on their work. HiTA has quickly become an essential tool in their educational journey."

Phillip Romig

Teaching Associate Professor, Colorado School of Mines

"I teach a large course and want all my students to feel supported, especially while working on challenging homework assignments. I encouraged students to post questions on the discussion forum and attend office hours, but it just wasn't enough and did not reach everyone who needed help. HiTA has been a game changer. Students can get help 24/7 with confidence that the responses they get are grounded in the course materials. And I can see an up-to-date overview of what questions they grapple with and address them in class time. I cannot imagine going back now."

Rene Kizilcec

Assistant Professor, Cornell University

“As a professor for both undergrad and grad-level courses, I have been thoroughly impressed with the HiTA platform. Since implementing it in my courses, I've noticed that students get stuck far less often, allowing them to progress through the material more smoothly. The feedback from my students has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the platform's intuitive interface and helpful features."

Hengqi Tian

Assistant Professor, CU Denver Business School
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